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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Son of Lead Painter's League

A tale of Woe, in Rounds Four through Eight...

   So, as it stands on the brink of the end of Round 9, I am in 35th place out of 40. This is, you can imagine, quite a blow to my painting ego. To be honest, some of the rounds I knew that I was up against a better painter, and it didn't bother me to lose those rounds. However, some of the rounds I think I am a better painter than the winner, but that the winner did a better job of "telling a story" with their photo. Not happy about losing those rounds.

   My record right now, is 2 wins, 7 losses. I expect to lose Round 10, as I have not had a chance to paint anything new, and I shan't be getting any bonus points (for theme, new team, or big thing). I expect to drop down to about 37 or 38 in the contest. I am honestly bothered by that performance. More crushed than inspired, to be truthful. So I guess I learned something about myself and my painting skills (or apparent lack thereof).

   At any rate, here are the entries for Rounds 4 through 7. I repeated Round 7 in Round 8, again, having had no time to prep something new that week either.

"Ogre and Babies" - Round 4
Lost round.

"Roman Legion, 15mm" - Round 5
Bonus: Ancients

Those shields are not transfers, by the way. I hand painted those laurels.
Still lost the round.

"Maton's Mannikins" - Round 6
Positioned them to show more than one aspect of the figure. Maybe because it was a single pose?

"Werewolves of London" - Round 7 and 8
Lost both.
Not a great photo, to be honest. Lighting problems.


Anne O'Leary said...

You've nothing to feel bad about. You're competing against some formidable painters there. For round 10 it looked like everyone went with trains. First place is going to be extremely close.

Michael Awdry said...

Plenty to be proud about there, it seems a shame that you've missed out due to the photography - I'm sure you'll have your revenge.

Chuckaroobob said...

In one of the local tournaments which included points for painting, the winner of the "Best Painted Army" award had only painted about 10 figures, some were not even glued together. BUT, according to the rules, the judges only looked at the 5 best painted figures of each army. IMHO there is usually all sorts of crap going on with these soft points, based on color, style, who's your buddy and the phase of the moon. To sum up: don't feel bad.