Friday, February 20, 2015

Dystopian Wars: Prussia vs. FSA #1

   So my buddy Zach came over this afternoon and we played some Dystopian Wars with my Prussians and my new Federated States of America. 720 points per side. We used the 1.1 version of the rules, because that's what we have.

Prussian fleet at the start.

FSA fleet at the start.

Today's Beverage. Quite tasty.

The Aftermath. The FSA battleship is sinking.

Lots of smoke pouring out of the damaged ships and aircraft...

   I didn't record everything for the blow-by-blow report, so this report is mostly the score. I rolled very well; Zach did not. The game lasted all of two full turns. Very bloody.

   FSA Forces (and disposition)

     1x Independence-class BB (sunk)
     3x Lexington-class CL (1 damaged, 2 unharmed)
     2x A-17 Bomber (1 shot down, 1 damaged)
     3x Augusta-class FF (all sunk)
     3x Augusta-class FF (all sunk)
     4x Augusta-class FF (3 sunk, 1 unharmed)
     1x wing, dive bombers (3 shot down)
     1x wing, torpedo bombers (shot down)

   Prussian Empire forces (and disposition)
     1x Emperor-class BB (heavily damaged)
     3x Riever-class CN (unharmed)
     2x Geiger-class bomber (1 damaged)
     3x Speerwurf-class airship (unharmed)
     3x Arminius-class FF (two sunk, 1 damaged)
     4x Arminius-class FF (unharmed)
     1 wing, fighters (unharmed)
     1 wing, dive bombers (1 shot down)

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