Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Win or Go Home!

   Last Saturday was the regular third Saturday meeting for my local games group. While we tend to concentrate on historical games like Flames of War, or Koenig Krieg, or Fields of Glory, or something like that. Occasionally we branch out from that. I have brought a VSF game on a couple of Saturdays over the years, for example.

   This week, Brian Weathersby (is that right Brian? I always forget names...) brought a playtest set of rules for a racing game that he is helping to develop. Rather than join in on the Hungarian/Bulgarian midwar deathmatch being played by some of the others, I sat in on this game, called Win or Go Home.

   Part of the reason I chose to do this is that my son Dane had played the game at OwlCon a few weeks ago and had told me how much fun he had. I thought it sounded like a nice change of pace, and found that it was.

   The rules have a sort of base set and then modifications for different types of racing. We played NASCAR, but I know he has developed Formula I for two eras - "classic" from 1950s to 1980, and "modern" from 1980 to present. They are in playtest, so we (Buddy Brewer and I) made a couple of suggestions during the course of the game that may be in the final rules. So pretty neat, too.

   We each took two cars. I had the #17 DeWalt car and the #44 Corn Flakes car. I know that Brian is on the lookout for a Laughing Clown Malt Liquor car, so if you know where one can be located at a reasonable price... let me know.

   I took a few pictures and a short video...

 That last car in the row... the one that is burning?
Yeah, that's my #17.

   Long story short... I really enjoyed the game. As my son said, it was sort of like watching the highlight reel of a race.

[EDIT: Corrected Brian's last name. Sorry, Brian!]


BrianW said...

Actually it's Weathersby, but your version was pretty close. I've been called a lot worse, I can assure you! Besdies, I'm bad with names too.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Brian: Fixed it Mr. Weathersby. Weathersby... hmmmm... sounds like a great name for my armed butler figure for VBCW.

"Blast it! Those dratted Bolshies are coming back for another round. Weathersby! Fetch the Lewis gun!"

"At once, sir. And shall I have Cook prepare a cold lunch for afterwards?"

BrianW said...

Actually, one of my high school teachers wrote me two letters of recommendation. One was the "serious" one, and the other was the "one I should send." That one suggested that I be admitted into college based simply upon the sound of my last name. "Think about it gentlemen; this last name sounds as if it BELONGS on the wall of a law firm or investment bank somewhere."

Ed TheTHWguy said...

Thanks for play testing the rules. I saw thw title of your blog post and thought "Crap! Someone's using that name for game already!"

Ed the THW Guy

BTW - 15mm scifi is great