Monday, April 13, 2015

Lead Painter's League Has Begun!

   Over in Germany, there's a little miniatures forum known as the Lead Adventure Forum. In this wonderful place, to which all good little gaming boys and girls should belong since it's free and all, there is an annual competition to determine the Greatest Painter of All Time and Space. Or something like that. If you limit time and space to Earth, in the present day. And if you only consider the painting of groups of small figurines, typically metal, plastic, or resin. But you get my drift...

   The competition is a weekly head-to-head matchup that lasts for ten weeks. Forum members (did I mention it's free?) can vote on each pairing. This season there are 32 gladiators in the arena, and I, your humble blogger, am one amongst their number.

   Last season, I came in a disappointing 34th out of 40, with only two wins. Most of my losses were well-deserved, but I felt like I could have done better on a few pairings. I hope to improve my record to five wins this season. I'm off to a good start this week (the entries are posted newly every Sunday, voting is open until the following Saturday).

   So, if you are interested in little toy soldiers of varying sorts being painted by a variety of painters - some of whom are incredibly skilled - you should certainly check it out. I won't share my username in order to avoid seeming as if I am trolling for votes. I'm not. I just want to broadcast the knowledge about the contest far and wide.