Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things are happening around here...

...I promise!

   Working on several projects. Lots of Dystopian Wars Federated States ships. Got a good bit of 15mm sci-fi in hand, working on painting it up now.

   I promise I will start putting more pictures up.

   But first I have to get set for the Lead Painters' League competition. It's on the Lead Adventurers' Forum. I entered last year but didn't do very well. This year I hope to improve on my somewhat sad finish. The first three entries are submitted, and the competition officially starts next Saturday. Please go check it out. Lots of great painting, and mine is there too.

   I need to consider what to paint for the Round 5 bonus and Round 10 bonus. Round 5 I need to have some sort of non-equine animal. Five of them. That earns me bonus points. Putting five riders on them gets me an additional batch of bonus points. So I am thinking riders. I have:
  • 25mm gashants for Space: 1889
  • 15mm Savannah Lords (crocodiles) on woolly rhinos (Khurasan)
  • 15mm Salamen on terror birds (also Khurasan)
  • 25mm frog warriors on giant toads (Eureka)
  • 28mm savage orc boar boyz - need to purchase

   For Round 10 the bonus theme is women. I have very few female figures, and what I have got, don't make a cohesive 'team' as required by the rules. So my thoughts are these:
  • 25mm Amazon types.
  • 15mm Sisters of Battle proxies
  • 25mm frogs (from Eureka), painted in feminine colors.
  • Maybe some kind of Warmachine female unit? Cygnar by preference.

What is the collective wisdom of the tribe?

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