Monday, July 13, 2015

PLA Infantry

   Closeups of the faceless armoured masses of the People's Liberation Army.

A better view of the chopper.
Converted Matchbox, with Stan Johansen turret under fuselage.

Common PLA conscript trooper

Another trooper, and a closeup of the support drone

PLA Mortar team.

PLA elite 'Redcap' trooper

   The People's Liberation Army are my 'other' human force, besides the FedArms troops of the Corporate Federation. Mostly conscripts, and not very good. The Redcaps, however, are quite good in Gruntz terms, being volunteers and combat veterans.

   I will be out of town the end of the week and this coming weekend, attending Historicon and spending a great deal of hard-earned money on more toys. I will try to schedule at least one post for while I am gone in order to keep up the current strong posting schedule...

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Michael Awdry said...

They are an intimidating looking bunch! Lovely work Sir.