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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The World According to Gruntz

   This is not the Official Gruntz Helioscape Map.

   No, this is a map I did up last night to illustrate the major power blocs of Earth in the wake of several future history events:

  • The Jihad - established the Caliphate State
  • The Incorporation - established the Corporate Federation
  • The Tsarist Restoration - established the New Russian Empire
  • The Paris-Berlin Agreement - reorganized the European Union into Paneuropa
  • The Great Asian War - expanded China, created the Great East Asia Hegemony and the South Asian Alliance
  • The Grande Guerra da Unificacao (Great Unification War) - created the South American Confederation
  • The African Wildfire - created the Pan African Union

So, the key:

  • Gold/Yellow: Corporate Federation
  • Pink: Paneuropa
  • Purple: Kingdom of Greater Colombia
  • Light Green: South American Confederation
  • Dark Green: Islamic Caliphate State
  • Brown: Pan African Union
  • Red: Great East Asia Hegemony
  • Orange: South Asian Alliance
  • Light Blue: New Russian Empire
  • Gray: Switzerland

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