Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I have been doing...

Traveling, mostly.

Historicon in mid July followed by a trip to Seattle and Alaska. I've been home for about four days now and finally getting around to a more 'normal' schedule now that I have packed my oldest boy off to Haiti for a week. Yes, Haiti.

Also, I got a new desktop. So I have been downloading all of the software I use. That's eating a lot of time, plus transferring a few hundred gigabytes of photos, documents, etc...

I did put together four 15mm British 6-pdr Portees and two Valentine IIs yesterday. Priming them now with British Armour (Desert) spray.

I also cleaned the resin for two Ironclad Miniatures Martian Airships (sailing kites). Still need to assemble and paint, though I think I am going to go with a simple paint scheme. These are large 28mm vehicles. 

I also primed some 28mm Victorian Peelers. Coppers. Bobbies. Whatever you want to call them. And Uncle Thulu, that lovable scamp. And a batch of Peter Pig's Carlists for a third platoon's worth of bases. I'm about set, infantry-wise, for a 15mm SCW game.

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Paul O'G said...

Welcome back! I've enjoyed watching your posts on FB, especially as I did the same Seattle/Alaska trip at the start of July. Wonderful stuff.