Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Stuff Painted

   As promised, a bunch of photos of the things I have managed to finish. I have another couple of dozen SCW minis just about done, about 18 28mm Bobbies just started, and some Hordes Warbeasts on the table now.

 Reaper Bones: "Spirit of the Forest"
I'm thinking this fellow is good for straight out fantasy or
for my VSF mad biologist, Dr. Vardu.

The Bog Monster's fuzzy butt. I put Army Painter's
"Meadow Flowers" and "Wilderness Tufts" on him for
a bit of extra plant-y goodness. 

Sadly, the photos don't do him justice. I think he looks great.

FOW Valentine II tank. 

A pair of Valentine IIs. 7th Armoured Division, "Desert Rats"
8th Army.

Not-really-quite-finished 6-pdr portees.

Still need to finish and attach the driver and crewmen.
Not sure about fitting the side plates.

A Very Blurry SCW. Peter Pig figures, with head swaps.
This is a FO team.

Carlist requetes infantry.

All of my requetes so far. Two infantry platoons, a company commander, 
an observer, and an HMG platoon.

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Michael Awdry said...

Excellent progress Sir.