Monday, September 7, 2015

Camera is on the fritz...

So I can't show any new pictures, unfortunately.

But I just brought in six more Chuhuac troopers, seven PLA, and one FedArms soldier, all for Gruntz.

Speaking of which, I was planning on playing my first game of Gruntz against my perennial foe, Zach of House Maloney - a wily adversary, that one - when it was discovered that I had misplaced my rules. Dashed annoying. So that has been put off for another day. One of the troops I was going to use is below:

That's one of my Ion Age minis, the Havelock. I also finished two more hover cars from Ion Age, Adders (Black and Green, IIRC - the railgun and the C3). They were also painted up for FedArms. Even more, I finished the Khurasan Cane Toad APC, also for FedArms. This gives my FedArms a distinct advantage in vehicles. I may even go back and repaint the Polecat for PLA use, as all of their other vehicles so far are wheeled. I'll have to think on that a bit.

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