Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cane Toad and Ion Age Hovers

   I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of these shots. Taken with my iPhone at the desk. But you can get the general idea, I think

Size comparison shot. Ion Age Black Adder (l) and Khurasan Cane Toad (r)

Black Adder AT Lifter
These I plan to use as hover armored cars.

Cane Toad APC

This one has one each of the missile launcher and gunpod.
I also added a smoke grenade launcher, just visible on the front right wing.

Green Adder C3 Vehicle
I added some small anti-infantry defenses as well, the miniguns
on the forward wing surfaces.

Black Adder crossing the new bridge, and some new palms.

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