Friday, September 25, 2015

Hordes Warbeasts

   I recently finished painting these two Warmachines/Hordes Heavy Warbeasts. I purchased both at Historicon's Wally's Basement flea market. Both were painted already, to one degree or another.

   The first is from the Minions faction - one of the very few I own from this faction and the first I have finished. He's the Blackhide Wrastler. He was pretty much finished when I bought him. I just had to do some touchups and a bit more shading and highlighting on him to get him good to go. Also, three coats of clear coat - the raised scales on his back have some serious paint loss issues.

Love his base. Part of why I bought him.

I think he also fits in with Dr. Vardu's Genetic Experiments in VSF. Don't you?

   The second one is for the Orboros faction, one of the golem-like wolds. In this case, it's the Wold Guardian. Those big ol' pistons of his, all rune-carved - oh yeah! He was primed in gloss brown spray when I got him, so this is very much my own paint job. I'm really happy how the stonework came out, a little less so with the 'glow' of the green runes. They got a bit too muted, I think. Still visible, though.


RSM Cox said...

Looks great

Michael Awdry said...

My word, they look great and monster size too.