Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photos of Ligny in 15mm

   This game was played on Saturday, September 18th. However, thanks to certain technical difficulties, I am just now able to post these photos.

The town of Ligny.

French advance through Ligny

Prussian defense of the center

French cavalry on the bridge about to have a bad day.

A fierce defense of the wood, with charge and counter-charge.
Three times the Prussians cleared the woods of the French before being forced back.

French skirmishers keep up a galling fire (and screen)

Those dratted skirmishers!
I'm not entirely familiar with the rules, so on advice of the author,
I didn't advance my own formed infantry to scatter the skirmishers.
Probably should have brought up some cavalry to do it for me.

Prussian dragoons and hussars advance on the flank!

   The Clear Lake Area Wargamers' Society is playing out the Waterloo campaign in 15mm this fall, in honor of the 200th anniversary. It will consist of four battles. Success or failure at any previous battle may have consequences for future battles.

   Thankfully, I believe this one came out a draw, with a close to historical result. For the Allied side (mine), that means we don't lose anything later in the campaign. Sadly, it also means that we didn't harm the French too badly yet.

For rules, we used Honor and Courage. The rules have been 25 years in the writing, in large part by a member of our group, Tom Lytle.

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