Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finding a New Path?

   My son and his three best buddies have been playing D&D with me for about a year now. We don't meet regularly - the schedules of four teenage boys are a bit difficult to manage, especially with jobs, schools (three different) and girlfriends thrown in. But we manage, a bit.

   After looking over Pathfinder, we decided (i.e., I talked them into it) to give it a try. And so I plunked down some bucks, got the rules, the pawns, and the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Adventure Path. I'm currently reading through that book while we finish off the last D&D adventure (part of another Paizo-made path, the one from Dragon magazine that takes them to the Isle of Dread).

   Anyway, it's just (another) project started.


   I can't wait to drop this guy on them:


Ruaridh said...

Sounds interesting. I looked at Pathfinder when it was in beta, but never got to grips with it. Ditto for Castles and Crusades which I preferred to Pathfinder. Then I discovered Scarlet Heroes and have not not gone back to either of the other two. I'm hoping to get back to my Scarlet Heroes solo campaign again soon. I look forward to seeing posts about your intermittent Pathfinder games. Hopefully they will inspire me.

Have you looked at the Kingmaker adventure path? Now that's a potentially epic campaign for the characters. Wish I had the time to run it to a conclusion.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Honestly, these guys, being teenage boys, are mostly into the "kick down the door, kill the monster, take its stuff" school of roleplaying. There are a few spots in this adventure path with which I am concerned they will get bored.

But hey, we'll give it a shot, and I will try to keep posting about it. Probably be a month or so before we get into it.

Ruaridh said...

I remember those days. The glory days of my RPG career!

I actually think we spent more time trying to kill each other than killing monsters. I was trying to relive some of that experience by playing through the old Basic D&D B-series modules using Scarlet Heroes as the rules engine. It works well but I got too caught up in producing the maps for the game in CC3 and lost impetus as a result. When I return to it, I'm going to simplify the maps a bit and produce a whole level at a time before each session rather than trying to produce the map as I play along. At least that way the gaming sessions will be more coherent.