Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Have Begun Burnt Offerings

   The group of players in the new Pathfinder Campaign, that is. The adventure. "Burnt Offerings." That's the title of it. Am I clear now?

Let's list off the player characters, then, shall we?
  • Artorias, a tiefling paladin of Sarenrae, played by Zane. Artorias is overcoming/denying his demonic parentage by slaying monstrous creatures in the service of a good deity. 
  • Tarkus, a half-elf cleric of Gorum, played by Dane. Tarkus, found abandoned as an infant at a shrine to Gorum and raised by the cleric who found him, has serious trust issues regarding elves. He is also out to avenge the destruction of his father's shrine by a group of giants. 
  • Vrehith, an elf conjurer (specialist wizard), played by Jerry. Vrehith is fascinated by the ancient human culture of the Thassilonian Empire, and wants to learn more about it and the system of magic they used. 
  • "Bill," a human rogue, played by Chris. Bill is a disgraced member of a prominent merchant-prince family in nearby Magnimar. His name is an alias, part of his exile. "Bill" likes two things: crime and girls. And beer. Make that three things. And wine. So it's four things...
   We had our first game session on Tuesday night. One thing we have agreed upon is that we will meet on a regular day and time, so that everyone can more easily plan it into their schedule. Usually it will be Thursdays, but this week Tuesday worked better (Spring Break).

   A clan of goblins raided the town of Sandpoint, where the heroes have all gathered for reasons of their own. Being heroic types caught up in a chaotic raid by the crazed little vermin that are goblins, they took up arms against the villains. They did pretty well. The Pathfinder mechanics are very similar to the D&D 3.5 with which all the players are familiar.

   In the aftermath, the characters are being treated like local heroes for helping to save the town. Tarkus used some of his positive energy to help heal injured locals, and flirted with Ameiko Kaijitsu, the attractive owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn - who gave all four party members free rooms for a week! Finally, a young nobleman named Aldern Foxglove was saved from certain death (the party even saved his dog, who was laid low by a mounted goblin commando). Foxglove has asked the four heroes to meet with him tomorrow afternoon.

   As yet, the players don't know why the town was raided, but they captured a goblin warchanter and in the next session plan to ask her some questions. The answers may be of considerable use. Or they may not be any help at all - these are goblins after all!


Goblin Warchanter

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