Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit: How does it affect gamers?

   Brexit has passed the UK's voters. As a result, they will be leaving the European Union sometime in the next few years (I understand there's some provision for a period of time to be used making necessary policy adjustments, etc.).

   While I want to remain out of the politics of it, I'm curious as to how people think it will affect that most vital demographic: the gamers. Will it help gamers in the UK? What about gamers in the rest of Europe? Or in the US?

   As of this moment, it seems a plus for the US because of the effect Brexit seems to be having on the pound sterling. It's dropped a good bit against the dollar, meaning this is a good time to buy British products. Does that substantially harm the British manufacturers? I hope not, as I am on good terms with more than one of them (yeah, Martin, I mean you!).

   Anyway, I'm interested in what you all think. Please spread this around - I'll be mentioning it on TMP as well. Please comment below. And please, no vitriolic rhetoric. I know some people are quite incensed and others are jubilated by the results of the vote, but I'm interested only in the specific sense here.


TamsinP said...

We are living in interesting times.

As a "remain" voter I am obviously disappointed with the outcome, but that's democracy for you. Now we just have to hope that our leaders make a good job of negotiating our exit from the EU and that any fallout from the process isn't too painful.

I've got no idea how this will affect British manufacturers. Largely it will depend on the outcome of the exit negotiations - will we remain part of the European Economic Area (paying in, abiding by the economic & trade rules, allowing free movement, no tariffs/duties/VAT to be paid by EU customers, but no vote on EU laws we'll have to abide by) or a complete break where EU customers would have to pay VAT and duties on goods imported from the UK?

I do have a number of socio-political concerns about the future, but this is not the place to discuss those :)

TamsinP said...

Forgot to say - I'll be replying to your email about the UK trip later on this evening :)

Simon Jones said...

To be honest it should not effect UK gamers at all. As Tamsin says VAT and Duties may be payable on non UK orders in the future. I would think it would impact shows like Crisis in Antwerp. How would UK traders attend? If you are a foreign gamer buy all you want from UK companies if you feel you are getting a bargain. The Pound will soon rise again, things will sort themselves out. I was a leave voter and being a realist was expecting the short term fallout. I think a few countries will follow our lead reading the foreign press today. The EEC using the old term was originally about trade, the EU is now all about being a Federalist State.