Sunday, June 26, 2016

Some British Tanks Finished

 4th Indian Division Sikhs manning a captured Italian gun


   I have finally finished a few miniatures this year. Yes, these are the first truly start-to-finish items I have managed to paint so far this year. Nine 15mm tanks for my Flames of War British 8th Army collection. These will support my 4th Indian Division infantry company.

The Lot

Matilda II, Valentine VIII, Crusader II

Another Crusader - with commander.
7th Armoured Division marking

Yep, turret markings are done too.

Valentine III

Matilda II/CS

A not-quite-complete India Pattern Carrier

   This brings my total British tank force to seventeen, I believe: 3x Grants, 3x Crusader II, 5x "Honey" Stuarts, 2x Matilda II, 1x Matilda II CS, 2x Valentine III, and 1 x Valentine VIII. I can't field any sort of Armoured Squadron or Company, but I have a variety of support choices for the infantry. Finishing the two India Pattern Carriers puts me at eight total: two carrier scout patrols and a spare pair for observers or company command.

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