Monday, January 16, 2017

More Terrain on the Way...

   All of this talk about terrain has me being naughty and spending hard earned money on toys. I just placed an order with Noble Knight for a bunch of 15mm scale JR Miniatures cobblestone roads, plus some dirt roads (same scale), plus a couple of river fords, one in each 6mm and 15mm scale.

   I also ordered some more 15mm railroad tracks from Amazon, the Battlefield in a Box (BFiB) Train Tracks Expansion set. It should arrive tomorrow. This gives me curves, switches, and ends. I'll fiddle with these and see if I still need another set of the straights. I think I might need one more.

   Finally, I ordered the 15mm Town Church from MBA. I was torn on this one, I maybe should have gotten the Caen Church from Battlefront/GF9's Battlefield in a Box series... I went with the MBA for two reasons: it was on sale and it comes apart to make a ruin.

MBA's Town Church

BFiB Caen Church

   You will all note, I hope, that every bit of this terrain is pre-painted and ready to use right out of the box. That helps me to feel better about the purchases, you see, as they are FAR more likely to see actual game table usage. Plus, they can be used for both VSF and WWII gaming. The rivers and roads, of course, could also be for Spanish Civil War, or Sci-Fi, or virtually anything else.

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