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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Painting at Last

   I have spent a good bit of time over the past week getting some Marines painted, finally! I managed to knock out six command stands - basically all the infantry and support command for the entire army I am planning to be able to field. I also have most (7/9) of a rifle platoon (one of two) and the whole 81mm mortar support platoon painted. Based. Clear coated. Done.

   Boy, does that feel good. And I have the heavy machinegun platoon and the rest of the rifle platoon primed already... maybe by next week I can say I have finished three platoons of the USMC project.

81mm Mortar Platoon

BAR Squad

More BAR squads

   All the figures so far are Peter Pig. I do have a few pieces of Battlefront, mainly the vehicles. Of those, only the Corsair is painted and done. I've had troubles with the LVT (4) transports - even after they sent me replacement hulls. The tracks are messed up, right in the front over the drive sprockets. I may just have to grit my teeth and bear it. I also used some of a box set of Honeys that were originally slated for my 8th Army and painted a pair of them in dark green. Once I apply a few decals, then I will have two M3 Stuarts to bolster my troops. Even though it only has a 37mm gun, compared to Japanese armour, the M3 Stuart is a killer. Plus, you get that lovely canister round. Just the thing for breaking up a banzai charge.

   I will be buying some Battlefront infantry eventually. I need the assault engineer section, some AT guns, the war dogs (!), and a few other bits and bobs. Plus, I want to put together a SeaBee platoon, complete with their D7 armoured bulldozer, partly in tribute to my good buddy Jim, a retired SeaBee Senior Chief.

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Dannoc said...

Nicely done. Peter pig do lovely figures. I'm trying to work on peter pig British Paras at the moment.