Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MBA Purchases

   I mentioned a while back that I was ordering some terrain from Miniature Building Authority, in particular their 15mm Town Church.

   After I placed the order, Kirk at MBA shot me an email letting me know that a sale was starting the next day, at 50% off. He offered to give me that price, and I took him up on it! I also took the opportunity to add some row houses to the order, keeping me at just about the same out of pocket, but basically getting two for one. Now that's great customer service.

   After I got the buildings, I pretty much immediately pulled them out of the boxes and checked them out. Sadly, I am not as impressed with these as with all of the other MBA items I have purchased. The problem is in the fit of the pieces - they just don't fit as well together as the other MBA pieces I have purchased. Those were mainly desert buildings and the Vietnamese jungle set, all 15mm. I don't know if the molds are getting a little dated, or if they flexed a little too much coming out of the mold, or what. They are certainly still usable, and will be put to use as soon as I can manage it. Just felt it needed mentioning. Also, I haven't complained to MBA, and don't plan on it. They aren't so off as to need that. Just that I have come to expect a high standard of perfection from MBA and these particular pieces aren't quite up to their usual.

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