Saturday, February 11, 2017

First wave of Star Viking force

   Arrrr! Here there be scurvy space dogs! I had the idea that I would use some of the leftovers from other forces and random other 15mm sci-fi figures into a force of mixed species frontier raider types. These are the first of them finished up.

   I decided the Prang would be the engineering crew and the captain. I have one more which I may simply make an able spaceman, generic crewmember.

left to right: Chief Engineer Hrag, Engineer Hriz, Apprentice Engineer Hrokk, Apprentice Engineer Hregik, and Captain Hrud

Rear view. You can see Captain Hrud's pet Vermillius on his back and shoulder.

   Here are some humans (and one near-human, but you can't tell in this photo). These are Ion Age Human Betrayers. I liked their punk/rebel aesthetic.

Left to Right: Vargas and G'li, Haskell, Joubert, Castro, and Humungus. All are generic pirate raiders.

Rear view. G'li, the fellow in the tiger stripe jacket, is non-human, by virtue of a blue paint job on his skin. His twin, G'loo, is still on the table.

   The current plan is to add another Prang, three or four Felids, a selection of Robots, another human, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Seriously considering some of the new Ion Age Malig monobike things (orb-bikes?). I have an already painted Malig campaigner who is destined for this crew. No Chuhuac, though, as I think they are too predatory towards other life forms - the crew of this ship would be food for the Chuhuac, not allies. I have an aircraft already painted up as well, but no photos yet. I'll post it later.

   Haven't decided on the ship's name, though.

   More thoughts: the Prang wear armor as a result of their position aboard ship. Engineers need protective gear in the likely-to-be-leaking reactor spaces of the vessel. Right? Plus, the humans are easily replaced cannon fodder.

   Off to Austin. See you after the Eagles' victory!


Michael Awdry said...

These look superb Sir.

David Billinghurst said...

Nice paint work, and nice idea.