Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rugby Match: Excellent Fun

   No work done on hobby projects the last couple of days because my family and I went to Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin), about three hours drive from home. Why? To watch the US Men's XV play the side from Brazil in the Americas Rugby Championship tournament.

   Since it was set in a baseball diamond, not all the seating is excellent in terms of angle, but the distance to the field is quite close.

   All in all, we had a great time, and the US trounced Brazil soundly, with a final score of 51 - 3, and the US side scoring eight tries. Well done, lads! Especially enjoyed seeing Todd Clever and Cam Dolan, a pair of players we have met a couple of times. Todd's as easy going a fellow as you have ever met, until he steps onto the pitch, at which time he becomes a beast. Cam took the time to spend well over an hour talking with my youngest son about rugby when he was a high school player, giving him tips.

Todd in the snow looks like a Viking War God

   Now if only Wales had prevailed over England this weekend, it would have been a just about perfect weekend of rugby.

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