Tuesday, April 10, 2018

And some more minis

   A few bits and bobs here. I got some more Bolt Action figures finished today too but I haven't taken photos yet. I will get those up next time, I promise.

A trio of Minotaur Howitzers. This particular battery is based out of Mexico
in the North American Combine, hence the flag on the concrete pads.
(OGRE, 6mm sci-fi)

A Republic of Wales medium machinegun team.
These are Territorial Army forces.
(Very British Civil War, figures by Warlord)

A repainted Fast Food Restaurant for Team Yankee.
When I get the sign on it, it will be a Waffle Haus.
Thinking about trying to do some window inserts, too.
(Battlefield in a Box, from Battlefront, repainted by me)

Finally, a humble cart for Pathfinder or D&D, or any RPG

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