Monday, April 9, 2018

More game room photos

  So here are a few more pictures of the game room, which is coming together nicely. It would go faster if the kids didn't keep having friends over for D&D and moving stuff around so much...

The finished RPG table, with drawers, cupholders, power outlets, dice trays...
Oh, and the dragon light on the wall, which I love.

The finished Wargame Table - note the storage underneath, very handy

Framed OGRE blueprint from Kickstarter

More art - Historicon program covers. I have a few more I need to re-frame and hang.

Rugby stuff in the entry hall. Signed US Eagles jersey and a Houston Sabercats
Inaugural Season poster

I still need to put up some curtains to control temperature better (and provide better mood for the RPG corner). And fix the projector. ANd finish upnpacking boxes and arranging stuff. And I am still on the lookout for a good Galaga/Ms PacMan arcade game...