Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Emerald Legion Lives!

Well, at least a small part of it does. Here is a photostatic display of some 13 members of the Legion. The fellow in back, next to the guidon is definitely an officer of some sort, overlooking the battlefield.

Most of these Johnnies are armed with Martian copies of Earth-made breechloading rifles. Most of their fellows are not so lucky, and are armed with the "Martian Musket," a long-barreled smoothbore breechloader. But, these are Imperial Legion troops, after all! Some legionnaires are armed with halberds instead, to protect from cavalry charges, one supposes.

I believe the fellow with the sword and the yellow stripe through his helmet crest is some sort of sub-officer. A cornet, or a sergeant, perhaps?

Also, note the pavises, marked with a Martian sigil which stands for 'Emerald'. Quite important for battle on the wide open deserts of Mars, where there is virtually no indigenous cover.

The sigils on the banner read "Emerald Legion of Imperial Galfor." Well, its a loose translation, you know. My Martian isn't quite up to snuff, you know. Didn't teach it at Rugby, what?

More photostats will be placed in the scrapbooks as I get the chance. These gentlemen bring my total count up by another 11, even though technically they have a bit of work left to be done. A bit of ballast and static grass on the bases and a nice shot of matte clear coat to dull them down a bit. If you inclue the pavises, I have almost an additional 11 finished. More stuff is on the way,a s well, including Pathans and a couple of scenic items.

I feel an urge to convert something coming on. Perhaps if I lay down for a bit, the urge will pass.


abdul666 said...

Very pleasant -even if 18, not 28, mm [grin]

(who, being tricorn-addicted, dreams of 'Cosmos 1745' and 'Lacepunk' settings!)

J Womack, Esq. said...


That's because, regardless of the poll results, 18mm is the One True Scale...

[grin right back at you]