Monday, January 14, 2008

Oi! Its only been four days!

In the words of that MacArthur chap, "I have returned." Hmph. As if we wouldn't have known he returned, waht with all the film crews taping his wading ashore scene for the newsreels of the world. Man's an egomaniac, what?

Quite little to say on the gaming front. Thanks to a bout of illness, haven't been up and out to get any work done on anything. Hard to paint with a hacking cough, what? I am tempted to some zombie-blasting fun thanks to having read the excellent World War Z by Max Brooks over the weekend. Can you imagine redcoats dealing with these undead horrors?

Sergeant Bourne (to well-dressed zombie): "Right then, be a proper gentleman and put the vicar down, sir."
Private 116 Jones: "Oh, look Sergeant! 'E's gone and bitten the vicar!"
Sergeant Bourne (to soldiers): "That's two rounds rapid for you lot, then. And if you don't remember to aim for the head this time, I'll have you in front of the Colonel, I will!"

Now all I need are Victorian-era zombie figures. In 15mm. Or even some good Victorian civilians to zombify. I wonder if Ded Bob would be available to help with that?

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Robo said...

I can't believe I never thought of it. Two of my favorite genres. Ghouls vs. Grenadiers