Monday, January 21, 2008

Flags Flying High!

Well, I think I have a winner in the flag department, at least for now.

The design was given to me, essentially, by a truly decent chap and fellow TMPlar, who goes by the mysterious nom de plume of Grognard. You can see the banner in all its glory above. Please, leave comments on it.

I managed a bit of painting today as well, as I had a holiday from work today. God bless the three day weekend. Mostly just got some touch-ups done, and a bit of basing. I have started my British lancers, since I have the askaris done.

Speaking of those native troops, I consider that the term 'askari' sounds a bit like what the Hun might call his colonial troops. Perhaps I should substitute the more Britannic sounding 'sepoy' for them, what? Again, your input on this weighty matter is, of course, most welcome. Perhaps a new poll?

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