Saturday, January 17, 2009

German Uniform Question

So, the big question is this: feldgrau blouse or white blouse for enlisted men?

First, the feldgrau blouse, with red trim. No, this miniature is not finished, and yes, it is a GW Mordian Iron Guard mortar crewman. The Imperial German Secret Weapons Institute is developing such a terror weapon. The large brass shell holds a fair amount of incendiary chemicals.

Second, the white blouse, again with red trim (which I am not totally sold on). I really like the contrast here, and the seebattalion troops on which these fellows are very loosely based wore white blouses. This is a re-paint of a mini I got via eBay.

I'm afraid the white blouse makes them look too colonial Russian and not Imperial German enough. I kinda like the red trim, intended to indicate Mars service. But what if I want to use them on Venus as well? Yes, I care, and no, I don't want to paint up two sets. I guess I could go with a black trim, to indicate Ätherbattalion service, as part of the Kaiserlichätherischflotte (Imperial Æther Fleet), rather than to indicate any specific planetary force.

Officers are in white blouses, by the way. I know it makes them easier to spot on the battlefield, but it has a certain panache that I love.

Anyway, please vote on the poll at the top of the page. It's only up for a week, so please hurry!


Eli Arndt said...

I'd say go with what you like. If you like the white, then use the white.

I would say that using a generic trim color would work best if you plan to use them on two worlds. It's your universe so you can easily fudge that. If you want to give them some individuality based on campaign, make two sets of regimental flags you can swap out based on campaign/theatre.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I did decide on the white blouse and black trim, as you can tell by the other posts. I made one change since then: brown leather rather than black. Just too... I dunno... monochrome? Whatever. It looks better, I think.