Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progress Marches On Across Mars

Telegraph Line Connects Victoria Landing and Syrtis Major

After months of intensive labor, British engineers have pushed a line across the trackless desert wastes of Mars. Across the red sands, a line of timber crosspoles springs up, strung with miles of copper wire. And along this wire, a message is sent:

"Hello VL. This is SM. Are you receiving?"

Yes, the first long-distance telegraph in the history of Mars. A day that will go down forever in the annals of progress! Truly a triumph of superior British technology over the wilds of the Red Planet.

Photostats of the telegraph lines will be provided once our correspondent returns with the camera. Incompetent dolt. If he weren't my wife's nephew, I'd...

[Editor's Note: I have finally gotten the set of telegraph poles just about finished. Once I flock the bases of the last four, I'll post pictures. If you are interested in how I made them, check out my gaming terrain blog,]

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