Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

01 January …

Although it is a Thursday, rather than a Sunday, we are taking a break from work in order to celebrate the New Year. It is hard to imagine that in a short time, the 20th century will be upon us. I wonder if the fortune tellers are correct with all of their theories of the world coming to an end in 1900? Thankfully, we still have a few years until that day arrives. I also wonder if, since we are on Venus and not Earth, are we safe from “The End of the World?" I suppose that's a question only time can answer.

The Plant-man corpse we brought back to base for study has wilted like a plant, and its blood is white and milky like a thistle or milkweed's sap. Doctor Armstrong has worked tirelessly, but complains about not having a microscope handy. He is concerned the specimen may wither away completely before he can complete his study of it. Herbalist Dempsey is sharpening his botanical knowledge - or would it be biological knowledge? Either way, he is learning a great deal about comparative anatomy from Lieutenant Armstrong.

Drs. Caruthers and Palmer will finally return to their exploration of the temple tomorrow, but with a larger security detail. Before we started the holiday stand-down this morning, all of the men, both Army and Marine, were given a briefing on the plant-men and were warned of their means of attack: ambuscade (literally a 'bushwhacking', if you catch my meaning) and that weird paralyzing scream. We have also discussed having more dogs sent to us from Earth as apparently they are able to detect the creatures before we are. Lady V will accompany the men to and from the temple worksite. In addition to helping with security at the site, she will be able to practice her digging skills out there, and for once, I shan't have to fill in her holes! Besides, every little bit helps, right?

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J Womack, Esq. said...

Methinks someone has been holding back a lot of storyline. Jim, where you been keeping all of this? Remind me to tell you about this self-publishing on demand thing I found out about.