Monday, July 12, 2010

Historicon Swag Report

   I am dividing the posts on Historicon between this blog and Victoria's Boys in Red so that I don't bog down either one too badly and so that I get a a little more cross-pollination. Bear with me.

   This post is about the free "swag bag" goodies given out this year. I bought a ton of stuff (well, about 20 lbs, actually), so the purchases will be dealt with in seperate, more organized posts.

  The contents of the bag:
  • A CD-Rom game disk for a MMO game: "World of Tanks"
  • A bonus card to get an extra tank (M3 Sherman) in the MMO
  • A plastic tank (1/144, I think), a Tiger I think, but the package was labeled in Japanese so I don't know for sure.
  • A sprue of Perry's plastic 1812-1815 dismounted dragoons (2 figures)
  • A sprue of 13 Warlord Games "Pike and Shotte" infantry.
  • A copy of the Civil War Times magazine, (Oct '09)
  Not a bad haul, really. though I don't need the figures. They will be offered up soon on Gmae it Forward. You know the drill: First come, First Served. Just be sure to use them!

   More to come!

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