Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toys from Historicon, Part 1

Hoo boy, this is a long list. I thought I would present it so that folks who have never been to a Historicon could see what all is available for sale there. Naturally, there is more stuff, too, like hot wire foam cutters, tons of terrain options, books, videos, t-shirts... you name it. But this is what I bought for myself:

Tokens/Markers (all from Litko):
  • Charge token (red) x10
  • Routed token (red) x10
  • Mini wound marker x10
  • Micro fire marker x10
  • Chicken tokens x5 (freebie)
  • WTF token (freebie)
  • Epic Fail token (freebie)
Bases (trying some things out, plus stocking up a bit):
  • 1 pint box of misc. 3mm thick MDF bases from GF9 ($10 for about 120)
  • 1 pkg 20mm square metal bases from Wargames Accessories
  • 25 Small FOW plywood bases (3mm) by Litko
  • 1 pkg FOW compatible bases with beveled lip for labeling (BA109) Battlefield Accessories
6mm Sci-fi (for Battletech and just, well, because...)
  • 5x Utility APCs (Scotia)
  • 5x Large Grav APCs (Scotia)
  • 48x Battle armor troopers (Scotia)
  • 5x Tracked Ammunition Carriers (Future Wars by CMD)
  • 5x Police Van (CMD)
  • 2x AV72 Attack VTOL (CMD)
  • 3x GEV, Pan-Euro Lights, I think (Ogre)
6mm Colonial/VSF (for bigger scale battles, all by Heroics and Ros)
  • FPW Prussian Artillery, 1 battery's worth
  • FPW Prussian Gun Teams (limbers), 2 battery worth
  • FPW Jaegers advancing, 2 battalions worth
  • FPW Prussian Uhlans, 1-2 regiments
  • FPW Prussian Line Marching, 2 battalions
  • Colonial Mahdist Spearmen (to be Martians), 2 Battalions
  • Colonial Mahdist Ansar Infantry (Martians), 2 Battalions
  • Colonial Mahdist Artillery (Martians), at least 1 battery, maybe 2
  • 4x WWI Fokker E.III "Eindecker" airplane
  • 2 each: MkIV tank, Renault FT-17, St. Charmond WWI tanks
25mm VSF:
  • Eureka Minis' Stukasaurus x3
  • Eureka Minis' Feldgendarme w/ raptors
  • Empress Minis Zulu War British, infantry x8
  • Empress Minis Zulu Brits, ensigns x4
  • Empress minis Zulu British 7 pdr gun (aiming crew) x1
  • Parroom Station: Skyrunners Scudder with racing team (on order) x1
  • Parroom Station: Masked Minions with Diabolical Weapon x5
  • Parroom Station: City Dweller Martian Artillery Crew
  • Games Workshop: 8 Saurus with spears (old, metal, one is Temple Guard)
  • Reaper Dark Heaven line Mushroom Men (2 in the pack, need 4 more packs)
15mm VSF:
  • Blue Moon Manufacturing's Twanax Horde x6 (1 pkg, need at least one more - painting them as plant men/swamp monsters for Venus's mad genius Doctor Vardu)
  • Blue Moon's Fereen on Goranax x2 (1 pkg)
  • Chariot Miniatures lizardman on pterosaur (LIZ4) x1 - may want more of these...
  • 3x Battletech 'clickies' for war walkers: Uller, Firestarter and Mining Mech Mk II MOD
2mm VSF (Sky Galleons of Mars/Aeronef):
  • 1x Zeppelin (LZ41)
  • 2x "Skylord" kites
  • 2x "Whisperdeath" kites
  • 2x "Hullcutter" screw galley
  • 2x "Skyrunner" screw galley
  • 3x "Endtime" screw galley
  • 2x an unknown model screw galley, very small.
  • 1x "Smallbird"
  • 1x IJN Mikasa armed transport
  • 1x Large Merchant kite
  • 1x USS Ranger
  • 10x Litko 1" hex flying bases with pegs of varying heights. (need more, and bigger ones)
  • 16 pieces resin stockade by Acheson Creations
  • 3x GW forcewall pylons (from Assault on Black Rock - I want more if you have any...)
  • 2x Cthulhu statuettes (maybe 25mm?)
  • 1 steam engine (25mm, or HUGE 15mm)
  • 6mm Hedges
  • 6mm walls (TimeCast)
  • 6mm railroad track (Les batiments, bought at I-94 Enterprises)
  • 15mm ACW tents (x6) by JR Miniatures
  • 3x 1/144(?) WW2 puzzle planes (2 Pfeils and a Japanese pusher prop)
  • 25mm "Not" TARDIS by MBA
  • A few random bits for the bit box.
  • The free swag I mentioned before

I also have a list of stuff I bought for other people who couldn't go. I'll mention that in another post. Some of this stuff is going to be 'surplus to the needs of the service' as they say, and will be Game it Forward-ed in the near-ish future.

I hope my wife doesn't read this...


Reinwood99 said...

Just awesome! A little bit for any taste or mood. I hope you did not half to swallow anything to smuggle it into your home he he he.

J Womack, Esq. said...

No, no swallowing... just hid it in the dirty clothes in the bag - she knows better than to go lurking in there! Ha ha!

Actually, it is all out on the dining table. Most of it is still there, waiting to be properly stored away until they come up in the queue... although there are a lot of line jumpers in this batch.

Comrade S said...

Hey! I've been following your posts. No such conventions in Australia, unfortunately! Where are you posting the Game it On items? Can't find the blog anywhere, dagnabbit!
Great work (love the martian mat, interested in putting one together...have you a tutorial online?)