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Monday, August 2, 2010

August Goals

   Okay, so it has been a few months since I set any goals for painting. And guess what? Not much painting got done in those moths. You would think that the summer, what with me being a teacher and having the time off, would be a very productive season for me. You'd think wrong, but you would think it.

   Anyway, I am getting ready for school to start back up and back into the swing of things. And my thoughts turn towards painting again. So here's what I want to accomplish this month:
  • 10x 25mm Martian Shield Gunners (RAFM, Space 1889 line)
  • 10x 25mm Canal Martian Archers (RAFM, Space 1889 line)
  • 5x 25mm Masked Minion Diabolical Weaponeers (Parroom Station, VSF)
  • 2x 6mm Prussian Gun and crew
  • 1x 6mm Prussian limber
  • 24x 6mm Prussian Line
  • 24x 6mm Prussian Jaegers
  • 48x 6mm Martians (Mahdist infantry re-purposed with paint)
  • Finish 6-8x Empire Flagellants (GW)
  • Finish 5x Kislevite Horse Archers (GW)
   That's quite a good bit. I'm feeling ambitious. We'll see how it is going in a week or so. One other thing, if any of you has an extra Battle for Macragge force field pylon or two laying about, I could surely use it. Please let me know and we can work out details.

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