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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Palmyrans Lose!

   I played a game of FOG with my monthly club today. Zach and I took the Palmyrans and Tom and Chris had the Sassanid Persians.

   The outcome was predictable: Palmyran forces in total disarray, Queen Zenobia fleeing for her life. Me, I blame a stupid mistake in the deployment of our forces. Never should have held those big heavy cataphracts in reserve...

   However, there were some really amusing spots in the battle, such as my camelry (Unprotected, Poor, Undrilled, Bow, Swordsmen) holding out against a cataphract charge (with the Persian CinC!) and then three rounds of melee. Those horses really don't like camels. Can't wait to see Tom's 'camel-phracts'...

   So, even though we lost, I had a really good time. I like playing with Zach, Tom and Chris (and the other gents at the club as well - they were involved in another game, Byzantines v. ??).

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Alfrik said...

Palmyrans...... Eeewww Boo Hiss! :) Long ago I almost built that army but finally purchased and built a Sassanid army.