Monday, February 7, 2011

Genius Stuff!

  I just caught on to this manufacturer from a posting on TMP. I was interested in the airship models for use in my 6mm When the Navy Walked project. When I scrolled down further, I saw the terrain pieces.   I am not entirely certain about scale, but some of the comments I have seen lead me to believe they are in about 1/300 scale. In other words, perfect for BatteTech or any other 6mm projects.

  A closer look and I noticed the bases are cut to be compatible with Heroscape hexes. Since I use Heroscape hexes when we play BattleTech, I am very excited. The pieces are resin, and not too expensive ($2.75 - $5.50). I assume they are not painted, but that's okay. They have other pieces as well, just check out the Sky Kings line at Hangar 18 FASA. They also sell clustered sets. Anyway, check them out. I will be...

   Man, I need a raise in my allowance.


Donogh said...

Nice one - I may just have to drop a few quid getting some of these.
Is it just me, or would these do for asteroid-bases for a spaceship game too?

J Womack, Esq. said...

Oh, absolutely!