Sunday, February 6, 2011

Khurasan = Kool

   I am rapidly becoming a big fan of Khurasan Miniatures' various 15mm lines. Not that there is anything wrong with their 25mm lines, but the 15mm is just... great! First is the newly released Control Battalions. Great stuff for sci-fi gaming. Not that I am starting another new scale/period. Not yet. But I really like the hover drone support weapon.

Command and Support Weapons

Control Battalion Riflethings

   Next up, I want to show the 15mm lizardmen that will one day replace GW skinks for Venusians in 15mm for my VSF games. One day. Maybe this summer? These figures have been out for a while now, and the lineup is receiving some additional figures in the (hopefully) near future, according to Khurasan's website. There are already some mounted crocodilian knights that I shall also be using for the primitive lizardmen hordes of the Misty Planet.

   Back to more traditional science fiction (well, as opposed to my usual Victorian Science Fiction), the Garn are some really cool baddies. With teeth like those, they pretty much have to be bad, right? But at the same time, oh-so-good, if you know what I mean.

   The last batch are Mekanoid Grenadiers, which I think could be used for VSF mechanickals, if you wanted. Just need a bit of primitivizing, maybe a large backpack for a steam engine and smoke stack? This range is getting some cool stuff added to it as well. I especially want to see the centauroid Dragoons they are planning to go with this faction. Sounds nasty!

   Anyway, this is just a bit of fanboy gushing. For the record, I took the photos directly off the Khurasan website, and none of the paint jobs are mine. I believe Steve Dean painted the Garn, Chris Yaro painted the Mekanoids, and the others I am unsure of the painters. All very well done!

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Eli Arndt said...

Khurasan does seem to have a good long stream of wins. Though, I have notbeen happy with every one of their releases, I do like their line.

Let's not forget they also have a pretty cool line of historicals in 15mm too which are full of some good, sometimes overlooked forces. Many of these historical figs can be used for fantasy or even VSF forces.