Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's so cold...

...they are re-enacting the Winter War in 1:1 scale in my front yard. minis are demanding another coat of paint. French Napoleonic Old Guard are reminiscing about the Retreat from Moscow. yeti figs have finally quit bitching about the heat.

...I fully expect a white dragon to claim my lawn as its lair at any moment.

...I can predict the overnight temperatures with a d20. 28mm minis have experienced 'shrinkage' to 15mm.

...polar bears are swimming in our HOA pool.

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Kobold said...

We see pictures of folks ice-skating to the Superbowl in Texas, and friends in Baton Rouge complaining about the cold. Seems like this Northern Hemisphere winter has been a nasty one.

Down here, we're complaining about the humidity (28 degrees C today with about 105% humidity) which takes all the fun out of summer. At least we're not in poor old Queensland, Australia.

Take care.