Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Boy Paints!


   My 12-year-old son came with me to my local gaming club on Saturday, and helped play some Field of Glory Ancients. A day spent gaming got him interested in it again, and on the way home he asked if I was "ever going to finish those Empire guys." Last year, I started painting some Games Workshop Empire troops for Warhammer for my sons to play, you see.

   My response was: "Why don't you paint some of them. You can learn how to do it and then you won't have to wait on me to work my way back around to them."

   So when we got home, we flipped through the Empire Army Books, and discussed what paint jobs were harder or easier to do. Since I had already painted a unit of Talabheim halberdiers (red and white), we were looking at that. But, white can be kind of tough to do in large amounts. So, Dane opted to work on a unit of swordsmen from Talabecland, in yellow and red.

   We then went through the paints, and picked a few key colors from my Vallejo paints: basic skintone, oiled steel, red leather, brass, ivory, scarlet and deep yellow. The minis were purchased from eBay, and already primed black. I really should have gone back and re-primed in white, but Dane was in a hurry. Maybe he'll learn a bit of patience as a result.

   Dane chose a simple pattern of yellow hose and red tunics. The shields are also scarlet, and will have a gold cross with a central skull boss. He did a creditable job on the 8 minis, but towards the end you could tell he was getting tired of painting, and he got sloppier. Also, he had some trouble with the skintone paint. I have been working on "touchup," and will be doing the banner and champion myself.

Not quite finished, but a good effort for the boy!

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arabianknight said...

Looking good. They'll be just the job on the table. Having a young son's who's just recently started painting his own as well there's nothing like an investment of time on painting a squad to perk up the interest.