Monday, May 9, 2011

Infection 1, Me Nil

   I feel like something you would scrape off your shoe after walking through a particularly foetid stretch of sewer tunnel while being chased by the living dead. Something so nasty that - even though you're being pursued by flesh-eating zombies - you take a moment to notice just how gross it is. Heck, something that the ghoulish monstrosities themselves would moan about if presented with it.

   That's pretty bad.

   Took two days off work last week. Spent most of weekend in bed. Went to work today. Mistake. Yes, I have been to the doctor - that was last Thursday. Still feel horrible. But I actually think i am on the mend. After all, I got up the gumption to post for the first time in days. I haven't even checked my email yet. And the last post was actually created before I got to feeling poorly, and scheduled for later release so as not to conflict with other posts. I usually try to only put in one post a day.

  Anyway, I'm not dead yet. But I sure do feel like I have been through a wringer. Thanks for lisstening to me whinge and explain why I haven't been doing much of a much.

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