Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Note

   Sorry its been so long since last post. Things have been hectic.

   Anyway, I got in some goodies from eBay. More Mage Knight figs to be converted into VSF figures, and some gnolls for D&D, mainly.

   I've painted a little (need to update the log, adding 13 15mm figures). I finished up a battlegroup (battery) of medium field guns for Field of Glory Renaissance, and the command stand for the late tercio infantry regiment. I'll work on pics tomorrow maybe.

   Ordered some 15mm banners for Thirty Years War (Imperials) from a fellow in the UK. I'll review them when I see them, but one cool thing was I received an email asking about the length of the flagstaffs. He is offering to individually scale the banner for the staff length as needed. Pretty cool.

   Still working on the 15mm TARDIS. The 6mm one is done; again, I'll try to get pics soon.

   One last thing: I have put the last of the Praetorian riflemen on my painting table for the final stages of that particular unit of VSF troops. Not a lot to do on them, but I just want to get them done. Maybe next week I can finally call that unit "finished."

   Still alive, still kicking, just not as hard as I want to be.

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