Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Christmas Goodies

  I usually don't get a lot of game stuff for Christmas. The reason for this is that my hobby tends to confuse most of the family, and my wife never knows "what you want the most."

   This year, I received the following:
  • Welsh-English dictionary. Useful for my Republic of Wales faction in our upcoming (hopefully) Very British Civil War games.
  • Desert Fort, 15mm. From Battlefield in a Box. Originally for Flames of War (and still useful for that), I imagine it will see more use as a fort on Mars for my 15mm VSF games. For which it is darned near perfect, right out of the box. At $40, I recommend it.
  • Aztec Noble's House, Granary and Protoceratops Tent. From Acheson Creations. Resin buildings for my VSF gaming. They are destined to be used on Venus, or perhaps Earthin (When the Navy Walked). Will need a few more pieces for a small village, but a good start.
   That's pretty much it, from a gaming standpoint. I am hoping to pick up a few minis this week with some Christmas money, but not too much going down in that regard.

  I hope everyone else got some gaming goodies too. Let us know!

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