Friday, December 30, 2011

Reaper Minis again...

  Even though I do not buy many of their miniatures currently, I think that Reaper is putting out some very good stuff. While bouncing around their website this afternoon, I found these, and thought I would share.

   Talk about dynamic posing?!?! My PCs don't often come across owlbears, but if you like them (and I do!), I haven't seen one any better than this one.

   I can't decide about this one. Is he really Victorian Sci-Fi ("steampunk" if you prefer)? He may be an alternate timeline, but I am thinking too modernist for VSF. Nice fig, though. Kind of makes me think of Captain Mal Reynolds.

  These fellows remind me of the little gliding monkeys in X1: The Isle of Dread. Phanatons, that's it. Except for the totla lack of a gliding membrane. So maybe not so much. But swarms of them would be fun. I am thinking they might pop up on Venus in my VSF games, eventually. I have got to get done with the lizards and parrotmen and Mushroom men first.

   This figure just screams "archetype of thief, human, female". Pardon me, not thief: rogue. Remember your terminology, James.

That's all for right now. Need to make some dinner for the family and the girlfriend (s?).

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