Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photos of VBCW

  First and foremost today, a big thanks to all the veterans of the united States who fought in the Second World War, which began for the US 70 years ago today. Yes, I know we were late to the party, but at least we brought enough party favors for everyone when we did arrive.

  Anyway, I finally got around to dragging the camera out and snapping a few shots of my in progress VBCW forces. If you recall, I am making a Free Welsh Republic force. First up is the unit of schoolboys I have shown previously.

  Obviously, they are sitting in my display case waiting for the rest of my forces to be assembled. You can see some of my Papal States aeronefs in the background. I especially like the porter/veteran with the Lewis gun and the tin hat.

  Second (and last, for now, until I can get some Regulars painted up), is the Rolls Royce Armoured Car. Thanks to the glass shelf it is sitting on, it seems to be floating in midair. Kind of a neat but unintentional effect. In my fluff, I am claiming the Rolls is a gift to the Republic from some Scots who want to keep the English busy out West, and out of the North.

  I am planning on at least one 10-man unit of Regulars (part of the Welch Fusiliers, I think I decided) and some more armed civilians and a militia unit. I would also love to get one of the 1st Corps buses and a civilian truck I can mount a 2-pdr portee upon.

  All for now.


Eli Arndt said...

They all look Good. That reminds me, I have a truck I need to send you.


JP said...

Nice work sir! Of course,with my troops being stationed just across the border, i'll have to keep an eye on you... :-D

J Womack, Esq. said...

Where's my truck, Eli?!?!?!