Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of February Goal Summary

  All right then, you've all been waiting with baited breath I am sure to see how I did with my not horribly ambitious monthly goal for February, instated about a week ago. And, as of 2145 in Houston, by God Texas, the results are in - seeing as how I have decided I am done for the night, and it's the 29th.

   Drum roll, please... (rat a tat a tat a tat a  rat a tat a tat ...)
  1. 15mm Zulu Basing Goal: 80%
  2. 15mm FOW Indian Infantry Squad Goal: 90%
  3. 25mm Ironclad Steamtank Goal: 100%
   Even though I did not totally finish two of the three projects, I am still pretty happy with my progress. On the Zulus, I got all of the loose Zulus based, flocked and clear coated. That's 81 of the total 101. I have 20 more that are already on square wooden bases that need to be removed and then attached to the small washers I changed to in mid-project. So, that will be at the top of the order for next month's goals, which I will post tomorrow.

   On the Indian Rifle Company squad, I have all 10 painted and, in addition, I got the Platoon Command Rifle stand painted as well. Just need to base them and clear coat, and they will be done. So, 90% of the goal completed, plus some extra figures as well. I also have the mortar team and Boys ATR team about half painted up.

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