Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goal Update

   After the whinge-fest I indulged myself with on Friday, I thought I would Do Something About It today. The results were favorable, for a first day of getting back on the wagon.

6mm British Battalion

   The Zulu Basing Goal stands at about 41% completed. That is, I have 41 out of 101 totally done. Yes! I like that. The other 60 are in various stages, so I suppose I could claim that I am further along than 41%, but considering that 20 of them need to be removed from their old bases first, and that I am out of superglue to attach to the washers right now, I am going to go with only what is actually done on this goal. But a 25% jump from yesterday is a good start, I think.

   The Indian Rifle Squad Goal is now about 15% done. I have most of the base coat down on the MG section, but I thought I had a Rifle section with NCO primed. Wrong! Had to clean up another Rifle section and get it primed. That's done now, though. I might do the Platoon HQ base as long as I am after this. But I do have one major problem: lack of two paints! And the LGS does not carry Vallejo - I've asked, they are basically a GW pimp. I suppose I could prostitute my love for Vallejo and just get the equivalents in GW pots, but that hurts. So a start, but a good bit to go still.

   The Steamtank Turret Goal is almost done, call it 95%. Just waiting on that superglue to attach the gun barrel to the turret front, then I can spray the whole tank with Testor's ModelMaster dullcote (my clear coat of choice these days) and it will be table ready at last.

 Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tank

   In addition to the above, I also finished off a Warrior Priest for our WFB Empire army, and the first battalion of 6mm British for my long-stalled 6mm When The Navy Walked project (top photo).

  In all, a good day. I think though, that instead of instituting monthly goals, I might want to do weekly goals instead. Shorter range, more targeted. Something I want to think about at least.

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Michael Awdry said...

I love ironclad, that may have tp go on the wish list! Good to see you back in the driving seat Sir.