Monday, February 27, 2012

Goals Update, II

  Just a quick rundown:
  • Ironclad Steamtank Goal: 100% complete.
  • Zulu Basing Goal: About 60% complete. Not sure I will make this...
  • FOW Indian Rifle Squad Goal: About 50% complete. Should finish, except maybe for basing.
   In addition, I have been working on some more FOW Indians (the Platoon Command, 2" Mortar and Boys AT Rifle) and a few more 6mm Brits. Best part is, I am enjoying myself.

   And for those of you worried about my using GW paints, let your heart not be troubled. I borrowed the appropriate Vallejos from a buddy (thanks, Zach!).

   On a totally separate and not-gaming-related note, my pool finally passed final city code inspection. Now we can fire up the heater, clean the pool, and get in the hot tub by the weekend, I hope. Good day!

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