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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goals Update #2

   Well, it's the two month mark, one-sixth of the year gone already. I thought that sounded like a good time to revisit my goals for the year, and check on my progress. Overall, I am pretty happy with it.

10. Win a game of Ogre.


9. Paint 100 25/28mm miniatures.

   25% complete. Doing pretty well, so far. The Lead Painter's League competition is helping me drive this forward.

8. Paint 100 15/18mm miniatures.

   49% complete. Not bad at all.

7. Play at least 10 VSF games.

   50% complete.

6. Paint more minis than I purchase this year.

   So far, so good...

5. Spend less, play more.

   So far, so good...

4. 'Finish' at least one of my 25/28mm VSF factions.

   41% complete. Edging closer to this goal. Again, the LPL is helping. Besides the LPL, I have already painted up seven of the seventeen figures I figured I needed to call the Automaton faction 'finished.'

3. Finish my Flames of War 8th Army (Indian) Company

   86% complete. Going for a 1500 point force, I have painted up about 1277 points. All that is left is the mortar platoon and two more 2-pdr portees (need to buy those still). That will be a base Rifle Company (Indian) with some support.

2. Publish another issue of The Aethergraph

   DONE! You can get a copy of Volume 3, Issue #1 now.

1. Enjoy Gaming.

   So far, so good...

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