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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lead Painters League, Week One

   For those of you who are not familiar with the Lead Painters' League, it is a ten week competition held by Lead Adventure Forum (LAF) every year, starting in the spring. Each week the contestants submit a photograph of a group of painted miniatures, and the team is pitted head to head against a randomly selected opponent. On Sunday morning, the new round is unveiled. Forum members then have a week to vote on each matchup. Points are accumulated for winning a round (30), losing a round (10), or a draw (20), plus bonus points for 'new' teams (10), certain themed rounds (10 or 25), and number of votes garnered (1/50 votes). The highest point total at the end of the ten weeks is declared the winner. This is the 8th 'Season' of LPL, and the first time I have entered.

   As of this writing (I am scheduling this to post after the round ends on Saturday, but writing early Wednesday morning), I am winning my first round matchup with a comfortable lead. The photo above is the team I entered, titled "Bottom of the Dungeon Food Chain." One of the rules is that you can not post photos of an active team, but it is okay to do so afterwards. This is why you haven't seen many photos of newly painted minis lately on Scattergun Gamer - most of my painting time has been devoted to getting teams ready for the LPL! I have already delivered 3 teams, and have two more awaiting photography (Rounds 4 and 6, respectively). My Round 5 team is on order (special bonus theme: Ancients), and my Round 7 team is almost finished on the paint table (no hints).

   Anyway, wish me luck, and go check out the entries. I'm not going to win it all, because while I think I am reasonably skilled, some of the competitors are amazing. But there is a lot of really inspiring work to be seen in the entries. Sign up (it's free, and no spam) and you can vote, too! Wish me luck!

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