Monday, September 29, 2014

A 15mm Alien TOE

   As an additional thought for my considered 15mm science fiction company-level project, I have this chart to organize an alien force. I'll discuss which forces I am considering for the project at teh bottom.

   This alien company is divided into five platoons, each with a command squad (1 base) of its own, plus four squads. First through Fourth Platoon each have four infantry squads (1 stand/squad, 4-5 figs), designated A-D. This force structure gives me roughly the same number of bases for the alien force as the human, while not being exactly the same. 

   An alternative with less command and control would be:

 Of course, I am using Terran standard terms for each level of organization and it's enumeration/designation. Alien races would use different terminology. The Felids, for example, would call the company a 'hunting party', the platoon a 'paw' and the squad a 'claw.' Each would be named for its leader, so if the senior 'paw' was commanded by Fnarsk Srrth, it would be the Paw of Fnarsk (clan name), and his Platoon Command would be the Claw of Srrth (personal name).

   ONe difference from my human forces is that I am also not tied to the use of mortars. Humans like the things; perhaps other races do not. Maybe other races have integral grenade launchers in their infantry squads. Maybe they have more FOs and use more long-range light and medium artillery. Either way, the flexibility opens up more ranges for me to choose from. I want at least two - the whole point is to get some flavor in this, and one alien race versus one human force every time I play lacks that flavor.

   So here are the forces I am strongly considering:
  • Loud Ninja Chuhuac: This is a definite if I do this at all. It's a great looking line. Light on support weapons, maybe, but I can love the space raptors.
  • Khurasan Felids: Great looking infantry, very K'zin feeling, powered armour, jetbikes... towards the top of my list.
  • Khurasan Garn: Good infantry, and armour, but not a big range. Might be too much like the Chuhuac that I am already certain about.
  • Loud Ninja Yan'drassi: Not released yet, the Kickstarter just finished. As usual, I couldn't support it thanks to timing issues.
  • HOF Octopods: I mean, they look like militant Ood. Or minions of Cthulhu come from the Elder Dark. How fun is that?!?!
  • Zombiesmith Quar: A nice range with a lot of character and plenty of selections. Also have armour, mortars, cavalry (recon unit), snipers - a lot of possibilities.


Don M said...

Think these will work, I've several Alien groups that I've
not done any in depth MTOs for.
I am toying with this old idea
that will use them together. Way
back in the mists of time when I
started to seriously game (around 1978). I was doing WRG 4th to 6th
addition ancients, there was one army that I particularly liked
call the Barbarian Conspiracy,
a real mix of odd types Picts, Irish, Saxons and Goths. Well I'm thinking of doing the same with my odd assortment of extraterrestrials, so I'll
have Grays, Jafa, Vargar, Orcs, and Phalons. They are finally
fed up with the spread of the
Earther plague.....Just a raw idea at this point but, I plan to drop this in a regular campaign
between my two standard human star
empires, and of course the players wont see this coming....)

J Womack, Esq. said...

Neat idea, Don. Always good to keep players guessing.