Friday, December 19, 2014

New Issue of The Aethergraph available via Google Drive in PDF format. You can get the link on the post on my VSF-dedicated blog, Victoria's Boys in Red. Or just click on the link below if you don't want to visit my pretty VSF blog. *sniff*

   Volume 3, Issue #3 is pretty much dedicated to In Her Majesty's Name, a great set of VSF skirmish rules published by Osprey and written by Craig Cartmell and Charles Murton. But, there are ideas in it that I think you can use with any set of rules.

  • New official rules from Craig and Charles about using mercenaries in IHMN
  • A biography of Lord Ronan Curr by Craig Cartmell
  • Paul O'Grady's Armoured Naval Landing Party
  • A brief history of Otto Maton's Minions
  • New Mystic Powers
  • Venusian Saurian Tribe Adventuring Company
  • Some thoughts on adapting IHMN for Extraterrestrial Adventure
   Plus some photos, adverts, classifieds, a little fiction... 16 pages of totally free VSF fun. Please let me know what you like, what you don't like, and any constructive suggestions to improve the magazine would be greatly appreciated. As would submissions! Always looking for art, battle reports, house rules, unit histories, biographies, reviews, classifieds...

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